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10 Brilliant Husband Material Test

Dear Eligible Spinsters in Nigeria, any Man Who Doesn’t Pass at Least 10 out of These Tests is not a Husband Material

We realized that unlike our parents times it’s very hard to identify the ONE because of social media, wedding pressures, most boys chasing ¬†after girls for just sex. Are there still loving traditional men out there?



Here are a few tests you can run on a prospective husband or lover.


1–Wake him up at 3am for prayer session. Tell him it’s your daily routine and he has to do it.


2–Tell him you are not a Virgin but you can’t have sex with him till he puts a ring on it.


3–Tell him you want to quit your full time job and be a makeup artist and see how supportive he is of your dreams


5–Ask him for money on the first date and see how willing he is to give.


6–Come up with a problem that needs solution and see if he moves to bring up one for you.


7–Tell him you can’t cook but that you will learn if he is ready to take classes with you


8–Tell him you slept with his best friend on April fools day and see how quick he is to react. Will he trust you?



9–Tell him to stop hanging out with his fronds at night except he is willing to let you hang out with yours at odd hours too


10–Tell him that his mother should not come to the house without permission. Let’s see how much he respects your privacy concerns


11–Tell him to shave his beard if he has one. Let’s see if he’s wiling to make sacrifices for you.


12–Ask him for the password to his phones and laptops to see how committed he is to the relationship


13–Tell him he can’t watch football channels anymore as it doesn’t entice you


14–Tell him you sold his favorite property maybe a watch or his car and see how he acts when angry. Will he raise his hands on you?


15–Lastly, tell him your mom and siblings will move in with you after marriage and that he will take care of their financial needs.


Ladies trust me. try this. You will thank me later. Watch his facial Expressions and body language you will get the true “ID” persona / archetypes of your partner


(This post was inspired by a bias article published by Jorolumofin)




  1. Lolz. Nice list, but none should be tried o. This is Nigeria where a man will give you the beatings of your life before you get the chance to tell him it was all a joke.

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