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5 Amazing Test For Your Sugar Daddy

I have seen so many girls say the reason they are with their sugar daddies is because of love. I have nothing to say but if you so believe that love is the reason, then you should carry out these tests

5Call Him By 3 am in the morning just for fun.

If it is love, then he would answer your call at that odd hour not caring if his wife is there or not


4Tell him you need a kidney donor as you are sick and dying.

People who truly love you will not hesitate to offer a part of themselves once your life is at stake.

3Tell him to leave his wife for you right away

He keeps telling you he will divorce her but that’s all mouth and no trouser. If he loves you then he should get up and leave

2Tell him no more sex for at least 6 months.

One fun thing about being in a healthy relationship is having a partner who respects your decisions. Tell him you do not want to have sex for at least 6 months and let’s see how he takes it

1Call him when he’s busy and tell him to come right away that it is an emergency.

Family and friends who really love you will leave everything they are doing to come help you.

Chances are your sugar daddy will not pass most of these tests. So stop saying love is the reason why you two are hanging out