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Life can get overwhelming and we could find ourselves in tough situation where we would need a second opinion.

Do you have a  question to ask?
Yeah, I thought so. Well, don’t keep it to yourself share your experiences and ask me sex and relationship questions anonymously. Please make questions as brief as possible to make sure you get a response.


I have a virgin gf and she has been denying me sex for the past 2years.. Am a typical nigerian guy now.. Please what can i do 26. April 2017

You cannot force someone to have sex with you against their will. When she is ready, she will do it

hi i lyk gal nd i do nt knw wht to do wen i told her she told me she hs a bf wat shldi do to get her 26. April 2017

Let her go. You can always find another girlfriend

I only have orgasm when I sleep with my side guy, Now I think about him while having sex with my hubby but I love my hubby. do you think I should stop seeing my side guy? 26. April 2017

There is something this side guy of yours does that you like. you should be able to figure it out and communicate this with your husband. Is there a way this side guy touches you or kisses you? let your husband know exactly what turns you on and excites you. communication is crucial to having a successful sexual life.

what should i do coz ladies always cheat me when it comes to relationship issue am so confused pls i need an advice 23. April 2017

What do you mean by cheat you? You have to be clear

So the thing is I met this guy who claims love and shit initially he told me he still has a gf he can’t break up with he naturally wants her to go herself (8years relationship) but he wants me to date him n stuff Twice he invited me to his house and was all sexy over me I denied him sex he got angry n asked me out Funny enough this dude has sent me 20k in space of two weeks of knowing him Confusion me having is I dunno if he’s seriously asking for a relationship or he needs sex Plus he’s even wanting to come see or know my family rather But it doesn’t change anything right?I think am beginning to like him Because of honesty But being that the girl is still there Making me feel uneasy Ion underestimate people who have sex with their bf or gf after meeting almost immediately A heart that will love truly will How do I know this isn’t games? 20. April 2017

Okay, I understand your dilemma. To be honest, I do not think his intentions are honest Number one, he has a GF of 8 years that he doesn’t want to break up with. It’s just like dating a married man. They will tell you they would divorce their wives for you but they don’t ever do. I do believe if he is taking you seriously, he should be man enough to end the relationship and stick with you If you decide to be with him, he won’t see you as someone who values herself. You knew he has a GF but you still settled. Don’t settle

Number 2,  .he walked you out when you refused him sex? That’s shitty. You have reasons for not wanting to have sex and if he truly likes you, he would respect that reason and not ask you to leave his house.

Number 3. He gave you 20k, so what? tell him thanks and move on. Do not feel like its an act of love or something.

Number 4, he wants to know your family? Does he even you well? On what grounds is he coming to see your family? As the guy who has a GF but wants to mess with their daughter for the mean time? Love without actions is fantasy. If he truly loves you, let him just break up with the other girl and be with you. Let him also respect your decision not to have sex yet

To me, he is not a genuine person and you may be liking him because he appears nice ( by giving you 20k and wanting to see your family) If you say yes to him, you are agreeing to be his side chic. Nicer people who are honest with their intentions will come your way.

if you can, let this man go. He does not value you