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I Bought My Own Condoms and I Think Every Girl Should

Few minutes ago I went to buy condoms from the chemist downstairs. I have seen guys go to buy condoms and act like criminals. They walk into the shop, whisper into the shop owners ears then squeeze the products in their pockets.

I also know of guys that have never gone to buy condoms for themselves. They depend on their friends and the benevolence of HIV community programs.

I believe sex is a two way affair and it is not the sole responsibility of the guy to get the condoms. Today I spent #850 buying 4 different brands of condoms and I felt good

The attendant was pleasant and he offered to give me suggestions of the best brand to get. I recorded our conversation and converted it to a video.

Many girls are afraid of buying condoms because they do not want to be tagged sluts and hoes.


I have a right to protect my health and if buying condoms that will prevent me from having HIV, warts, unwanted pregnancies and other STD’S makes me a slut, I choose to be called one.

It’s not a guys duty to bring along condoms. Every girl should buy condoms for herself once in a while. You can never tell when you’ll run into a good d**k. Let’s stay safe.

PS; The guy had no idea I was recording the video so he asked “what’s that” when he saw it. I lied that it was my radio