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I Asked Nigerians For One Sex Advice, And Here’s What They Said

  Last week, I made an open thread where people could answer a question I asked anonymously. Most of the answers I got were very...

VIDEO; Nigerian Girls Are Desperate To Get Married

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekdrPIL00po]

To Be A Good Nigerian Wife, You Must Die

I've had the opportunity to study comments from Nigerian women and men and I have come to understand their definition of a good wife. 1-...

VIDEO; My Sugar Daddy Loves Me?

For those who find it difficult to read, this is a post of me talking about my sugar daddy who loves me silly   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTRjynX1MZI]

5 Amazing Test For Your Sugar Daddy

I have seen so many girls say the reason they are with their sugar daddies is because of love. I have nothing to say...

Did I Really Sleep With All Those People?

My post has since been greeted with so many reactions and concerns by family and friends so I figured I clear the air about...

I Made Kunu Aya The Ultimate Sex Drink

I finally got around to making the almighty Kunu Aya today. After my classes yesterday, I went straight to the market and got the tigernuts...

Why Naija Girls Are Desperate To Get Married

  Marriage is the most talked about stuff for various Nigeria girls. A good number of them are actively looking for husbands or long-term commitment....

These 5 Personality Traits Will Make Any Man Love You 😍😍

Standing boobs, plump ass, tight vaginas, pretty faces, fame, and money will never make a man stick around long or make him get on...

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