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I Drank The Sex Drink and You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me

Two days ago, I set out to make the Kunu Aya that most people spoke highly of. I belong to so many groups on Facebook and I have read posts of women saying how wet the drink made them and how their husbands went four rounds.

One particular woman in a group I belonged talked about how she became so horny that she had to beg her husband for sex.

Some Facebook pages that talked about this sex booster had comments from people testifying positively about the drink.

The Kunu Aya was supposedly not to be taken by single people but I decided to try it out because I do things I’m told not to.

After taking the drink, I went about my daily life while anticipating the effect. I felt nothing for a long while and decided to give it some time. I went to bed by past 11pm.


I woke up by 5am and was disappointed that I didn’t feel horny. I have been horny before so I know what the feeling felt like. I decided to check if I got super wet while sleeping so I stuck my finger in my vayjay and noticed that it was dry. 🙄

I won’t write off the efficiency of this super sex booster. The human body is different and just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. The fact that many people have attested to its sexual powers means it has to work to some extent.

This whole experience has taught me to not expect too much from people or things.

Drinking the Kunu Aya was a normal experience for me. I didn’t feel horny, I didn’t open my doors by 12am looking for a cock and I didn’t get wet. All I got was disappointment and a dry vayjay.

( I drank 50cl of the mixture)