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My Desperation Cost me over #40,000__ Here’s My Story

I had just gotten admission to Uniport and I wanted to make ends meet. Don’t get me wrong, my parents were doing the best they could to cater for me and my siblings but I wanted more.

I wanted to be like other girls. The ones that had long weaves and changed their clothes often. I wanted to slay. I became desperate and greed clouded my judgment.

Modeling and ushering were the most prominent work for girls at that time ( some people still think it is) so I started looking for agencies to sign up to. I went as far as looking up agencies online and sending my pictures to random people who claimed to run agencies.

I would spare you the intricate details for today and keep it brief. Most of the agencies I had signed up to were fraudulent but I was too blind to see the telltale signs. I ended up paying a lot of money for registration forms without getting any jobs.

Most of the people I had paid to ended up deleting me off their BBM, what’s app and facebook after confirming payment.

The one incident I won’t forget was the one that happened two years ago. The guy running the agency had told me that the job was to hold at Civic Centre Portharcourt and I had to pay 7k for registration. I was skeptical at first but I desperately needed money. I paid into his account and he confirmed the payment.

The next day, I called him and he told me to start coming down to Civic Centre. I boarded a bus with a huge smile on my face (that was going to be my first ushering job)


When we got to Rumola, I decided to send him a message on BBM and that was when I realized that he blocked me. My heart raced and I kept trying to calm my nerves. I called him and his phone was switched off. I came down at Rumola and entered a taxi going back to Choba. As we drove, tears ran down my cheeks. I had been scammed again.

I admit I was desperate. I really wanted to make something off my life at a young age. I thought it was just me being ambitious but I have realized that it was nothing but Desperation.

Being ambitious is a good thing. Desperation will ruin you. If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone keeps rushing you to make a hasty decision, kindly back down as nothing good ever comes out of it.

I have learned that scammers will give you an
an unbelievable offer and a limited time to accept that offer.

Most modeling and ushering jobs in Nigeria today are nothing but scams. The legit ones slave their models/ushers and pay them peanuts because they know so many girls are waiting to jump on anything they offer.

This story was inspired by the lady who sent me a message on Facebook not quite long. She wanted me to sign up to her agency but I can identify scam from miles away and believe me when I tell you, she was nothing short of that.