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I Made Kunu Aya The Ultimate Sex Drink

I finally got around to making the almighty Kunu Aya today.

After my classes yesterday, I went straight to the market and got the tigernuts and dates from the Aboki men that displayed their items in a wheelbarrow.

The total amount I spent was #150. On getting home, I soaked the tigernuts in water and removed the seeds from the dates.

Today, I was able to blend the ingredients using my smoothie maker. The blender was occupied so I made do with the next available item. I got the smoothie maker from Jumia for 5k.

When I was done blending, I sieved the mixture to get rid of the chaff. What I was left with was a smooth, creamy and sweet refreshing drink.


It’s been over 2 hours I drank it and I am yet to feel anything special. I did feel a rush of excitement but I’m guessing that was because the guy who has been pestering me for sex finally laid another girl (he got a girlfriend )

I will update you on how my night goes.

So far, I can tell you that this drink is as refreshing as zobo.