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I Have Had Sex With 2788 Men But I Am Still A Virgin

So it’s no news that I said I slept with 2788 men right? However, I am a virgin, I am a sexually active virginūüėĀ

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At this point, you may be wondering why I said so. Let me break it down to you; virginity isn’t real. However, since everyone in Africa wants to pretend that virginity is a tangible thing, then¬† I am still a virgin.

Virginity isn’t real

If you have ever wondered “Is virginity real”? The answer to that question is NO!
Growing up, my mother spoke of virginity like it was something tangible. Like it was a gold hidden somewhere in my vagina and my husband had to dig inside to find it.

Virginity has been offered a definition by Wikipedia as Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse ¬†Wikipedia, however, doesn’t hold the answers to all things.

Most people say virginity is a social construct. What exactly do they mean by social construct? Virginity is a term or a word invented to control the sexual activity or body counts of women.

I say virginity is just another conspiracy theory that needs to be scrapped off our dictionary for the following reasons

4 There is no biological definition of the word virginity.

I have been to various hospitals for examinations and no doctor has ever asked me “are you a virgin ?”. Although I have been asked time and time again “are you sexually active?”

If virginity has no biological definition why then do people fuss over this thing?


3There is no way of defining who a virgin is.

An average African man will say a virgin is a girl who has never been penetrated by a man. In that case, are lesbians and gays virgins? Since these class of people¬† ( lesbians and gays ) have never had the penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex would an average African man consider them virgins? You should not that the average African man looks upon gays and lesbians with so much disdain so there’s a high chance they would not associate with them even if they haven’t had the usual PIV sex.

2 There is no way of deciding who is a virgin

Online records tell us that a woman with her hymen intact is a virgin. The average African man believes this so he looks for the woman with a hymen and a tight pussy who is going to bleed the first time he penetrates her.

Let’s talk about this hymen. The hymen is a thin elastic membrane that sits outside or just inside the vagina walls. It does not fully cover the vagina and it stretches. If virginity is based on who has a hymen and who doesn’t, then what about the women who are born without a¬† hymen?

Let’s also talk about how the hymen is a very delicate membrane and how it can be torn by rigorous activity, not just sex. It is safe to say that a lot of women lose their hymens without having sexual intercourse. Would you say those women are not virgins? They do not have a hymen and have never had PIV sex.

1 Virginity is sexist and promotes slut shaming

Women are told to be virgins and men are told to be virgins. However, there is no social implication for men who have decided to be sexually active. Women, on the other hand, are slut shamed and spat upon if they have sex with any man who is not married to them.

In reality, virginity is the civic duty of a woman only.

The term virginity is degrading and highly sexist. It has no definition and the only way you could tell if a woman is a virgin or not is of you know her personal sex life history

Virginity isn’t real but since we are all pretending it is, then I and every other sexually active woman is a virgin