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7 Ways To Identify Scam Modelling/Ushering Agencies in Naija

I fell for one of the lamest scams in the book so I am qualified to write this piece.

7Scam Agencies Asks You to Pay Ridiculous Registration Fees

If you ever come in contact with any agency that asked you to pay 40k, 10k or 20k for a job, run as fast as your two legs can carry you.There are some legit agencies that ask for registration fees( I don’t know why they do this). Before giving your hard earned money to any stranger, make sure the agency has an actual office that you could walk in to. Never wire money to anyone living outside your state in the name of Ushering forms.

6They Claim to Have Offices in the State You are Not Living in

Once these scammers start chatting with you, they ask for your location. If you tell them you stay in Lagos, they automatically say their office is in Port Harcourt. Why? They do not want you to suggest coming by the office. Most times they are able to tell your location by going through your Facebook profile.

5They Claim to Have Jobs Happening Every Week in All Cities

” we have 57 jobs booked for the month already in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Benin, Asaba, Abuja etc”. That’s one of their favorite lines.

I have worked with legit Ushering agencies and trust me when I say most of the jobs they get are within the state. The legit agencies do not always have jobs that takes them to another state. There are ushers in every state so why should the ones in Port Harcourt spend money to go and usher an event in Lagos?

4They Promise to Pay You Ridiculous Amount.

I recently saw one silly ad floating on my newsfeed. The ad belonged to a supposed event management firm looking for ushers to pay 50k per event. Funny enough, girls were begging in the comment section to be contacted.Darling, let me be plain with you. No Ushering agency will offer you 50k per event. What exactly are you going there to usher?

I consider Ushering of be modern day slavery. You stand for hours in heels and get paid only 5-15k for any jobs. If you even see a job that pays you 15k , you will be happy. You should also know that there are agencies that select certain girls from their ushers to “thank ” some dignified guests for attending the event. They use these girls as souvenirs to warm the beds of any high profile guest that graced their occasion.


Even if you selected to be one of such girls, they do not pay anything tangible. Pussy isn’t gold and men don’t want to spend their fortunes on it anymore.

3They Pressurize You to Sign up as Soon as Possible

Scammers are pressed for time. They have so many clients on their hands and can’t afford to waste time convincing you. Rather than convince you, they create the illusion of scarcity and pressurize you to sign up. Most of the scammers I have come in contact with would always try to let me know that they have a limited space available and a huge event coming up the following day.

For example ” we are only accepting 10 ushers and right now 8 spaces have been taken. Tomorrow, we have an event at Senate house and the pay is 35k. If you want to join the ushers, you’ll have to pay now”.

Do you see how they do it?

2They Send You Stupid Messages Through Facebook BBM or Instagram.

I got one silly message from one lady few days ago.
Scammers send you message to join their agency. They’ll open a fake profile (mostly with a woman’s face) and send you a message telling you how they think you’ll make a perfect model.

There are so many girls wanting to be ushers so agencies do not go looking for people on social media. Do not be deceived.

1They Use Fake Celebrity Pages to Tempt You

I have seen fake profiles of celebrities like Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Aigbe used to advertise Ushering jobs.

By using these fake profiles of respectable people, scammers try to gain some kind of authority and trust from the viewers. These scammers are no longer playing. They now make use of websites and Facebook ads to deceive people. Setting up a website doesn’t cost much and neither does Facebook ads.

Stay woke my sisters. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s a lie.