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I Asked Nigerians For One Sex Advice, And Here’s What They Said


Last week, I made an open thread where people could answer a question I asked anonymously. Most of the answers I got were very weird and ……

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Anyway, thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread. Here are some of the sex advice Nigerians think you all should have.

Sex Is Boring


this person says;

“sex will be boring after marriage have plenty of it while you still get strenght”

Me; A boring sex life can be turned around in few steps

Anal sex is painful

“Anal sex is painful, don’t do it no matter how much he begs for it”

Me: Anal sex can be painful when lubricants isn’t used in the right quantity


Poop happens during sex

“I shit on myself during sex after eating Chinesee food. word of advice, stay away from all those fancy fancy food you are not used to”

Me: Sex isn’t a perfect thing and some really embarrassing things can happen. You would be better off laughing over those embarrassing moments

Big d’cks aint the deal

“stay away from men with big d’cks, they will ruin your life like they ruined one. that was how one came to me, used big d’ck to trap me and still didn’t marry me after everything. mtchew, awon destiny stealers”

Me: ummm…….

Pregnancies will happen

I always think that once u had sex with or without protection one will be pregnant”

Me: The chances of getting pregnant with a condom on is very slim