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I Paid For A Guys Transportation Today and Here’s What He Said

After spending 5 hours in school doing nothing, we all decided it was time to go home and call it a day.

I stood in the bus park waiting for a mini shuttle. Unfortunately, it was only the big danfo busses that were loading. Almost every student in Uniport dislikes the big busses so we stood in numbers waiting for the favorite mini shuttle to arrive.

While standing under the scorching sun, this fair guy in shades made a little joke and I laughed. He looked at me and complemented my hair saying he loved the color and how it looks on me.

I am a very nice person so I giggled,told him thanks and proceeded to make small talks about school.

When the shuttle arrived, he sat by my side and kept mute. The once chatty guy refused talking to me throughout the journey. He didn’t even look at me. Chances are, he thought I was smiling at him so he could pay my transportation fare.


Once I got my junction, I alighted and gave the driver #100 telling him that the money was for both myself and the guy.

The gentleman whom I thought was dumb suddenly spoke. He looked at me wide-eyed, smiled sheepishly and said “what the f**k”

There are so many guys that actually thinks that any lady who is nice and smiles all the time wants money.

Just because you see us staring at you, smiling at your dry jokes, or making small talks doesn’t mean we want anything to do with you or anything from you.

In case you haven’t realized, most ladies are just nice for nice sake