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These 5 Personality Traits Will Make Any Man Love You 😍😍

Standing boobs, plump ass, tight vaginas, pretty faces, fame, and money will never make a man stick around long or make him get on one knee.

If fame will make a man stay then Toke Makinwa should still be married. If a pretty face was all it took to keep a man then Tonto Dikeh would still be busy flaunting Churchchil up and down Instagram.

If being a religious devout could make a man stick with just you then Apostle couldn’t have tasted other pots of soups.

A thousand pretty girls may come and go but it’s a woman’s personality that makes a man fall in love and stay.

50 men were asked exactly what made them fall in love with women and these 5 traits were the most mentioned answers.


Men appreciate intelligent women, it turns them on and stimulates their interest. You do not have to go to Harvard or be a genius to be tagged intelligent.
Creativity, ambition, having goals, and entrepreneurship is a form of intelligence. Be proud of your brain and the value it brings to your personality

Sense of humor

Everyone loves laughing. A man loves a woman who knows how to be funny. No one needs a woman with a low level of sarcasm.



Bitches are fun. Rude bitches are not. People have become so rude these days that finding someone who is nice has become a heinous task. Be kind but don’t let any man take your kindness for weakness.

My friend has one of the world’s best man in her life. I was fortunate enough to speak to him one day and he kept emphasizing on how nice and kind she was and how this trait made him love her more.

Honesty and Faithfulness

Men appreciate women who are honest and faithful. If you are honest and faithful but men still take advantage of you, chances are you are being honest to a fuckboy


Men love women who know how to appreciate them and boost their confidence. If you have a good man, appreciate him daily. Appreciate the little thing he does. Appreciate the big things he does. Appreciate the things he is yet to do.
If you appreciate a man’s effort he will repeat the kind act that earned him that praise.