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Open Thread: What Is The One Sexual Advice You Wish You Knew Earlier?

If I asked you to tell me one sexual advice you wish you had known earlier, what would you say?

Sex is not a topic that most African parents talk about with their children. If you are anything like me, then you probably got all your sexual advice from first-hand experience.

The one sexual tip I wish someone had told me earlier was “always use lube (lubricants)” because sex is good with lube. I don’t know why, but I always thought lubricants were for old people. I felt using lube meant my vagina was just as dry as an old woman.


Over to you, what is the one sexual advice you wish you had known earlier? I understand how sensitive it is to talk about sex in Nigeria so I do not use the comment section. You can drop your answers anonymously using the box below. You won’t be asked for a name or email so be rest assured that no one will know you dropped a comment. This is an open thread for all you awesome people so feel free to comment.


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Answers So Far..

  • An Awesome Person asked:
    sex will be boring after marriage have plenty of it while you still get strenght
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    sex sex sex, is that the only thing you know?
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    Anal sex is painfull, dont do it no matter how much he begs for it
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    i shit on myself during sex after eating chinese food. word of advice, stay away from all those fancy fancy food you are not used to
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    stay away from men with big d'cks, they will ruin your life like they ruined one. that was how one came to me, used big d'ck to trap me and still didn't marry me after everything. mtchew, awon destiny stealers
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    if you use too much lubericants, sex will b 2 slippery
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    Do not hv sex till ur ready
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    I always think that once u had sex with or without protection one will be pregnant
  • An Awesome Person asked:
    Don't have sex


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