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Stop Telling These Men How Many people You Have Slept With

I used to date this guy who was obsessed about my body count. He would ask me questions like “How many men have you slept with?” And “Sweet when last did you have sex?”

I was gullible back then and I would always give him an answer by stating the actual number. But I have come to realize that men are sensitive about issues like body count.

When a guy sleeps with the whole squad in the street, he is cheered on. When a lady sleeps with one guy, she is tagged a slut.

I will never understand the kind of thoughts these men have when they go about asking for body count. The latest tactic most of them have started using is the “act of seduction”.

Playing by the act of seduction, these men will give you good good sex, they will stare into your eyes while you lay in their arms, they will tell you how much they like you and once you loose your guard, they bring up the silly ” how many men have you slept with question.”


If a guy you are dating ever asks you that kind of question, DO NOT answer him. Do not try to make the situation look better by saying “I’ve slept with just 1 person”. Make him realize that you are a lady and there are sensitive issues that you do not discuss.

No matter the number you give these men, they will feel hurt. They will look at you different and they will treat you differently. Asking a woman about her body count is the highest form of insult. You are indirectly telling her that the most important thing about her is her vagina.

You don’t see girls asking guys silly questions like;
How many girls have you slept with?
How much is in your bank account?
Will you put me in your will before you die?

Even if any girl asks a guy such silly question, she will get no answer. Men know the kind of questions to evade.

My body count should not be anyone’s priority. You are more than your vagina so stop allowing people insult you by asking silly questions like that